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Join us for a family pick-your-own day in Northern Virginia!

" A great place for families.  The kids love picking the fruits and vegetables and all of the rides and activities." ~ Coronne G, Vienna, VA

From strawberries in May to peaches and tomatoes in July and August to pumpkins and gourds in the fall, Great Country Farms offers a farm experience your whole family will enjoy. Remember strawberry and blackberry picking as a child?    Now you can share that same experience with your children while helping them to understand how food is grown and how fresh and full of flavor it can be. 

Be amazed when your children devour broccoli they have picked themselves, or want to help make peach ice cream!  With one simple admission price per person to the farm and u-pick produce priced by what you pick, your family can enjoy a whole day of family fun on the farm right here in northern virginia just 30 minutes from Dulles Airport west of Leesburg, Virginia.


Fall Visit us during the fall season for a selection of apples, gourds, potatoes and pumpkins.

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Spring Visit us during the summer months for a selection of asparagus, strawberries and black raspberries.

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Summer Visit us during the summer for a selection of blueberries, plums, peaches and blackberries. Our vegetable garden will offer tomatoes, okra, green beans, cherry tomatoes and hot peppers

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Top Questions about U-pick

  1. Are dogs allowed?
    Yes, on a leash please.   Be sure your dog is comfortable with crowds and children if you are coming on a festival day. We do ask that you clean up after your pet in all areas of the farm.
  2. Do I have to pay admission if I only want to u-pick?
    The answer is yes for a few reasons.  First, access to our u-pick fields is via hayride which enables us to know when folks are in the field and to clear the field if weather is threatening.  Second, most folks who visit our farm also visit the farm animal barnyard, Cow Pie Putt, go fishing and enjoy the play area.  A full day of fun on the farm is less than a 90 minute movie ticket!  Our Farm Market is open without admission and guests are welcome to select fresh produce regularly from late May through October without paying admission.
  3. Do I have to ride the hayride to u-pick?
    We do ask that you take the wagon ride to the u-pick fields.  We do run express rides at 9:15 in the am and then run regularly throughout the day.  This helps ups know when guests are in the field, helps us clear the fields if we have a storm and our hayride drivers are a wealth of information  and support to a help with your harvest.  We are often asked if we charge admission if a guest only wishes to u-pick.
  4. What time are the hayrides?
    Times will vary throughout the season but we run them regularly based on the number of guests visiting. Feel free to call the farm office the day you plan to come
  5. Do we need to bring our own containers?
    We provide containers for u-pick.  We offer re-usable buckets and trays.  Guest are welcome to bring their own contains as well but do bring them in when you pay admission so that we can weigh them to deduct the weight from the final purchase.
  6. Is  the  produce organic?
    We are not certified organic but grow many of crops without synthetic chemicals.  All our Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries are grown without synthetic chemicals.  The orchard fruits are generally treated in bud and as needed to ensure yields and quality  and we are working to use only treatements approved for organic growing in .  The CSA garden is treated only when pest pressure arises and is synthetic fertilizer and herbicide free.  We use many sustainable growing practices instead including plasticulture, companion planting, shade planting, crop rotation, cover crop plantings and lots of hand weeding.

What's Ripe & Ready for Picking?

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